Pine Board & Batten Buildings

Have you been seeking that “cabin in the woods” feel for your storage buildings without quite being able to find it? Look no further — you’ve come to the right place!

Springwater Amish Workshop is dedicated to making our customers’ dreams come true. And that’s why we carry pine board and batten buildings, which provide the buildings on your property with a unique ambiance. In a world where development and construction seem to be everywhere, these buildings radiate a unique touch, one that brings you back to a simpler time in the days before urban sprawl. Who knew that a shed could transform the aura of a property virtually on its own?

While these buildings have a unique look to them, the more important characteristic that they possess is that they’re built to remain standing for years to come. Made utilizing Grade 1 and 2 lumber that is kiln-dried, they are equal parts durable and aesthetically pleasing and come with a 30-year warranty — the best in the business.

Want to learn more about what we can do for your property? Give us a call at 585-669-9710 to find out. We look forward to hearing from you!

she shed

Hunting Cabin – Board & Batten

Pioneer 8’x10’ – Board & Batten – Natural Stain

Board & Batten Yukon

Quaker 10’x14’ – Board & Batten – Mushroom Stain

Pioneer 10’x12’ – Board & Batten (with Optional Arch Windows) – Redwood Stain

Quaker 10’x14’ – Board & Batten (with Optional Arch Windows & Metal Roof) – Redwood Stain