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The 12 Point Difference

  1. Heavy duty 5/8” T&G LP Smart floor. 10 year warranty. Resists mold, mildew, rotting and bugs.
  2. Heavy duty LP Smart Siding sidewalls. 50 year warranty. Resists mold, mildew, rotting and bugs.
  3. 7’ tall walls. Stand up and stretch your legs without hitting your head.
  4. Heavy duty all aluminum, felt lined window track and frame. The smoothest, quietest window available anywhere. Tint standard.
  5. Heavy duty rubber roof. Water proof and quiet in the pelting sleet and rain. Never miss the approach of that 12 point monster buck.
  6. Standard carpeted floor. Muffles any interior noises.
  1. You and one buddy can easily erect any of the 12 point models. Designed to easily take apart and put back together.
  2. All water and snow proof. Heavy duty paint exterior and bottom of floor.
  3. 2” overhang to help keep water away from windows. Rubber roof wrapped around edge for a clean and tight appearance.
  4. Heavy duty interior wood framing to withstand high wind areas.
  5. Large windows designed for compound bow, crossbow and rifle.
  6. Large windows completely wrapped around blind, including door for a full 360 view.
Octagon Hunting Blinds

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