Standard Buildings

Standard Buildings feature: Built on 4”x4” pressure treated skids; Floor joists 16” on center; 5/8” exterior plywood floor; sidewall frame 2”x4”s 16” on center; double top plated, Lifetime architectural shingles, windows with decorative shutters and screens, locks and keys, metal kick plates in doorways. Our standard smart-sided storage sheds have a 30-year warranty on the structure.

Smart Sided storage buildings and sheds are our best sellers and the least expensive siding option. Smart siding is an engineered wood product made from an epoxy composite using actual wood pieces – no wafer, chip, or particleboard is used in this process. Smart siding resists fungal rot & decay, repels termites, resists delamination & splitting, curbs warping and features a rich cedar grain texture, and has a 50-year warranty. Even after years of exposure, these painted buildings remain attractive and structurally sound.

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